Mathematical Modeling on Matlab

Mathematical modeling is the process of describing a real-world problem in mathematical terms, usually in the form of equations, and then using these equations both to help understand the original problem and also to discover new features about the problem.

Project Overview

A client in the chemical industry was looking for a way to calculate the best membrane reactor configuration for the production of Ethylene Oxide by partial oxidation of Ethylene. He had the following three reactor configurations to test

  1. Fixed Bed Reactor (FBR)
  2. Packed Bed Membrane Reactor – Oxygen (PBMR-O)
  3. Packed Bed Membrane Reactor – Ethylene (PBMR-E)

In PBMR-O, oxygen was permeated through the membrane, and ethylene permeated through the membrane in PBMR-E.

Mathematical Modeling of Chemical Reactor on Matlab

Pressure Values & Initial Parameters

AlgorithmMinds started this project by defining parameters and calculating pressure values. Pressure values were calculated based on the Ergun equation and its flow parameters were calculated using Hyses properties.

After calculating pressure values, initial parameters were calculated and defined for reactor modeling.

Chemical Reactor Mathematical Models

We designed all three reactor configurations, FBR, PBMR-O, and PBMR-E, using mathematical equations and initial parameters in separate scripts.

We used the ode45 function in Matlab to solve these complex mathematical models.

Mathematical Modeling for membrane reactor

Result Plots

After solving these reactor models, we visualize all reactor outputs effectively; Species concentration profiles, selectively and conversion profiles along reactor length were plotted. It helped our client to estimate the best reactor configuration for his upcoming project.

Mathematical model variables result
Mathematical model-based optimization

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